Thursday Night Options on 5/23/13

It feels like this week has flown by so fast. And my updates and additions are at a bare minimum lately, but when I can I like to get on and tell y’all about what’s going on. Especially, when there is plenty going on. So, why don’t you consider leaving your house and getting out […]
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Saturday Night Options: 5/18/13

The weekend before Memorial Day is loaded with tons to do. All over town we have some touring bands coming through, some local bands playing, and all kinds of things.  So, here are you options: Headhunters Goatcraft – 10pm 11pm – Nekrist 12am – Immerse 1am – Shadow Spectrum Hotel Vegas The Rips – 3:00 […]
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Thursday Night Options on 5/16/13

You don’t know what the fuck is going on in this town? What the hell is wrong with you? Well, shit, I will try to help you out with a couple shows that I know about. Whether you are willing to spend some money or if you don’t have very much money, you have options! […]
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4/15 – Metal Fuckin’ Monday: Brontosaurus, Khringe, Widower, The Blood Royale

Metal Fuckin’ Monday, a typical affair that leads to usually new Austin metal/hard rock bands to show their worthiness in their ability to play live.  However, this metal Monday was jam packed full of bands known around town.  The almighty ,The Blood Royale who never disappoint, Widower and their wicked assault of riffs, and Khringe […]
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Your Thursday Night Options for 5/2/13: Be Awesome and head to the South of Heaven

Well, for me, I have to do some band rehearsal shenanigans, but for all you folks that live in Austin, don’t work or have anything to do tonight, you have a lot of options for shows to go to. I suggest that you gather the troops and support some local Austin heavy music. Also, you […]
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Bearded Ox – Kosmoss

I don’t think there is a band better named than Bearded Ox. Andrew on bass and Zebran on drums/vocals will just throttle you. After listening to Kosmoss you will feel like you’ve been trampled by a herd of oxen. This five-song release is pretty consistent throughout. If you dig the opening track “Gray” you’ll be […]
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New Khringe EP

You know that band from Austin called Khringe? You don’t? Well, now is your chance to feast your eyes and ears on the EP featuring two new songs from the Blackened Thrash band. The name of the EP is Anti-Human Fucking Black Metal. Here’s the music below, you can buy it for $3 on their […]
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4/13/13 – Onegoodlung, The Well, Mount Salem, Mothership, Sweat Lodge at Beerland

The rock gods had risen from their graves to collect a line-up of rock n’ roll and doom all on one bill. Featuring Austin’s Onegoodlung, The Well, and Sweat Lodge on top of touring bands Mount Salem from Chicago, and Mothership from Dallas. Indeed, Austin was ready to get loud and rowdy! Unfortunately, due to […]
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4/10/13 – Curse the Heavens, Bad Powers, and the Pushmen at Red 7

Red 7 is always a good place to go for a show.  They have a good sound system, and the sound is always great. Unfortunately, sometimes during the middle of the week it is hard to bring people out to shows, but the thing is, there’s usually some good shows going on these nights.  In […]
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4/1/13 Mutant Rock Mondays at The Grand: The Metal Edition

So, I have been meaning to check out The Grand for a while, and Monday usually wasn’t a good night to go out; so, I hadn’t been yet. And, the Austin Pyrate Punx have been doing this for a while and have created quite a following at The Grand. I mean, you can’t beat free […]
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3/27/13 – Beerland w/ Pyre Memories, Clit Eastwood, Bloodgeon, ID, Exulcerate

The end of March, spring is in session, and the night is full of metal. On this night we have two touring acts, one, a death metal band from Twin Cities, MN called Bloodgeon, and then our neighbors from San Antonio, Exulcerate. Unfortunately, I got to the show a little late and missed Pyre Memories, […]
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Monday Bloody Monday a.k.a Fuck Taxes, bro!

Tonight marks the end of Tax season, I am sure many of you procrastinated, or maybe you were on top of it.  Either way, I am proud of you.  You also made it through Monday morning and afternoon, congrats!  You know you should celebrate, how many times do you get an opportunity to see a […]
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pernicious phenom

Pernicious Phenom new music video

Taylor, Tx’s Pernicious Phenom released their debut music video for ” Body Count” off their EP Revenge of the Yeti. It has all the elements of a brutal death metal video: killing, lots of blood, and more killing!  If you are a fan of death metal, you should check out their EP.  They have speedy […]
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Morgengrau officially release their new album, Extrinsic Pathway

You can now order your copy of Extrinsic Pathway, the new album from Austin’s Morgengrau. If you like your metal with some death and speed/thrash, you should check out their new album. Also, for all of you old school Sepultura fans, they do a quality cover of “Inner Self” from Beneath the Remains. Influences can […]
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Blurry Vision

Blurry Vision has their new album available

Austin’s Blurry Vision have a new album that they have available on CD or for download on bandcamp. If you haven’t listened to these guys or se them live, they are crushing.  It’s an infusion of throating hardcore vocals, crunchy metal guitar riffs, and the pulse and attitude of punk.  If there’s one thing you […]
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Bearded OX

Bearded Ox release Kosmoss on bandcamp!

Here’s what Bearded Ox had to say on their Facebook page: “New Album, Kosmoss! Recorded completely DIY at Space Rehearsal and Recordingin Austin, TX, back when they first opened up! Thanks to Sonny for being rad as hell! 100% Free Download! Hard copies will be available soon, with a couple extras on em’ (we will put […]
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Ignitor release their cover album on their website

Do you know Ignitor? Ignitor has some guy named Jason McMaster who you may know from Broken Teeth and Dangerous Toys doing the vocals, Bev Barington on guitars, Stuart Lawrence on lead guitar, Brandon Bigelow on bass, and Pat Doyle on drums.  They are a rad, classic, old school metal band.  This new album contains […]
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3/16/13 – Austin Heavy Music Unofficial SXSW Showcase

Once again I want to thank all of the bands, crew of Spider House Ballroom, and the fans that came out to support their friends, bands, and among other things.  I was working the outdoor stage all day; so, I didn’t get to venture outside of that area until after the showcase was done outdoors. […]
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Id has their EP available on bandcamp

Id is an extreme/progressive metal band from Austin, TX featuring members from various projects that wanted to make some quality, intense music. They have released their EP on bandcamp for listening and purchasing pleasure. 3 songs for $2. Check it out, and hopefully you will survive!
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3/12/13 – Beerland and Other Places All Over

Between BBQs, free beer, driving downtown through the cesspool, and among all other things, I was able to make it to Beerland. Juggling between two shows that night, one show was to support our bassist as his old band, Experimental Aircraft, played their first show in a long while, and then to see the heavy […]
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Solid Goat

Solid Goat release new album online!

  Solid Goat has just finished recording their album, and you can listen to it on their reverbnation page.  If you like goats, and goats that have a wicked sense of humor, well then, you are in the right place.  Rock, more rock, and if you will, goat rock.  Here’s your chance to give it […]
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3/10/11 – A night of extreme metal at Headhunters!

The last day of the week before sxsw, and the sea of people from all over the world invaded Austin to turn downtown into a cluster fuck of yahoos who don’t pay attention to the roads, cars, and such because they are either too drunk or on their phone, or both.  What can you say, […]
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3/12/13 – Transistor BBQ on S.1st

The weather was beautiful for SxSw on Tuesday….not too hot, not cold at all, and the sun was shining.  Three reasons this show was already a success was the parking was easy to find and free, the show was free, and well, the beer was free.  Additionally, you could smell the BBQ, and the BBQ […]
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Thank you so much……and SxSw is over.

Once again, I want to thank the fans, viewers, bands, crew of Spiderhouse Ballroom, and everyone that had to do with the Austin Heavy Music Showcase. For only being a website/blogsite since August 2012, and to have help put together an event during SxSw…that is just fantastic. I know there were some difficulties, but for […]
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*Tonight* Diamonds & Iron with Black Smith on the KOOP

Tonight on Diamonds & Iron with Black Smith, I will be discussing the Austin Heavy Music showcase that will take place at the Spider House Ballroom on Saturday, March 16th.  This event would not have been possible without the booking and help of Dustin Bolf of Rust; he will not be joining me tonight, but […]
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*TONIGHT* – Old and ILL and Sweat Lodge at The Grand

Well, last night at Headhunters, the death, thrash, and blackness was set in order on the night of our lord.  Tons of bands, two stages, and a night loud, kickass metal.  If you missed this show, I hope you went out to Beerland, War Horse, or Dirty Dog for your dose of metal, rock, and […]
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Sunday Night Extravanganza

Well, it is Sunday night, the day of Jesus and his friends.  Unfortunately, what Jesus does not know is that tonight is full of evil, metal, riffs, beers, and more!  There’s a bunch of shows going on.  As everyone knows SxSw is about to start, if not it kind of already has, there’s people here […]
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Communion Release EP on Bandcamp

Well, Communion release their new ep on bandcamp.  As I have been awaiting to hear this slab of doom, it sounds awesome!  Check out the two tunes and crack it up! Here’s what they had to say on their facebook page: “OUR SELF TITLED TWO SONG EP IS FINISHED. DOWNLOAD IT FROM OUR BANDCAMP AND […]
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Check out this interview of Stoner Rock locals, Desert of Mars

Desert of Mars is a stoner rock band straight from Austin, you may have seen them at Red-Eyed Fly, Red 7, or various other clubs in town.  Well, they have an album they released not that long ago called Transmission.  Annd, they just did an interview with InciteAustin.  So, without further adieu, here it is.
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1 More Week Before Austin Turns Into Chaos

Haha, I can see why this gets posted.  I can see why Austinites get so upset about SxSw, it is just out of control. The roads, the streets, the bars, and everywhere is full of people from all over the world. It becomes a huge party that everyone who visits Austin thinks that Austin is […]
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Saturday Night in Austin…Satan Wants You to Party All Night/Sleep All Day

The date is Saturday, February 23rd, 2013.  It seems that there’s a lot of shit going on tonight, which always seems to be the case in this town.  Maybe more difficult than usual, who knows?!  Also, there’s a shit ton of people in Austin that go out on Saturday; so, you hope that you see […]
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*Tonight* – Weaponizer, Khringe, Steel Bearing Hand, Widower at Beerland (2/20/13)

Well, it is hump day again, and February is flying by like a motherfucker.  With the weather being as gloomy as it is, it should give you a perfectly good excuse to leave the house tonight!  Weaponizer is traveling from Denver, CO to bring their brand of blackened and crust metal to Beerland, TX and […]
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*Promotional Piece* Finalized line-up, set times, and etc. for 2/23/13 AHM fest/line-up

So, we are itching closer to Feb. 23rd, which is Saturday.  This will be my first AHM “showcase” to be followed by the SXSW Unofficial Showcase on March 16th, which is going to be killer. For this Saturday, some bands had to drop out (Khringe and Sans Soleil) and times had to be switched because […]
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*Upcoming Show* Destroyer of Light, Cabra, TBA at The 1808 (2/15/13)

On the bar side of the 1808, Cabra and Destroyer of Light will be sharing the stage with another band.  Don’t be afraid to come down to 12th and Chicon, it is going to be a fun night of music.  Cabra mixes things up with their Unsane-like attitude and riffs, but with the power and […]
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*Upcoming Show* Scorpion Child, Burning Avalanche, The Well at Stubbs BBQ on 2/15/13

Tonight at Stubb’s BBQ: Scorpion Child, Burning Avalanche, and The Well will be tearing it up!  If you aren’t familiar with any of these bands, tonight is a night of rock and doom/doom and rock.  Scorpion Child just recently signed to Nuclear Blast, and are awaiting their debut album release combing the sounds of 70s […]
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*Upcoming Show* American Sharks, Pharaohs, Ditch Witch at Hotel Vegas

You have options, I mean, if you have a signifiant other, bring her out, or if you don’t, go out/drink/get stupid…who knows, maybe you’ll have a date at the end of the night.  What this all equates to, you should go out to Hotel Vegas and get crazy to the rock n’ roll that American […]
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*Upcoming Shows* Fuck the Facts, Beyond Gods and Empires, Kaliya, Fat Fuxxx, and Widower 2/13/13

Tonight Texas Metal Collective presents Fuck the Facts. If you don’t know Fuck the Facts, they are a grindcore band of badass proportions. To accompany Fuck the Facts, we have some heavy Texas hitters with Beyond Gods and Empries, Kaliya, Fat Fuxxx, and Widower. Fuck the Facts are touring through; so, if you can find […]
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*Promotional Piece* Austin Heavy Music at Frontier Bar on 2/23/13

So, I have been busying with moving into a new house and setting up all the shit that goes into moving into a new house, and then having to deal with the old house.  I still have no internet at the house.  So, this past weekend, this week, and the weekend are going to be […]
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2-8-13 show

*Upcoming show* Red Shield, Solid Giant, Khringe, Corpse, Bearded OX – 2/8/13

Tonight at Beerland, we have a solid line-up of some of our finest Austin locals (Khringe, Corpse, Bearded Ox) along with two Louisiana bands heading back from their tour across ‘Merica (Solid Giant, Red Shield).  It is going to be a loud, ass night of music because the amps will be turned to 11, all […]
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Austin Heavy Music has a YouTube Page!

Hello everyone, By popular requests, I have made a youtube account for Austin Heavy Music.  Eventually, I will have all the shows that I have recorded on this account.  One step at a time, you know!  However, I have popped my AHM Youtube cherry by posting the videos from Castle at Red 7 on Tuesday […]
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*Upcoming show* Intronaut, Lions of Tsavo, Vex, and Ink Blot

    Tonight at the Red 7….last night at the Red 7.  This week is full of great music!  I mean, RUST, The Unmothered, and Castle killed it.  And NOW, Ink Blot, Vex, Lions of Tsavo, and Intronaut.  INTRONAUT!  Once again, good to see bands like Intronaut and Castle having a variety of Austin, TX […]
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*Upcoming Show* Firestarter ’82, Carrion Decay, Bearded Ox 2/5/13

      Tonight at Beerland, TX some of the hardcore, crust, and doom of the Austin, TX scene take it over with their heaviness!  An update on the show was Clit Eastwood had to cancel due to an injury, and if there are any last minute bands that want on the bill.  “Sorry guys, […]
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Widower Has A New Album Available!

Widower is mixture of vocals from the depths of the blackened underworld, riffs from the world of thrash/death, and just an all-around metal treat. Well, they have just released their EP, which they have available on bandcamp, CD, and they do plan on doing a CD release show sometime this month. Down below, I bring […]
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*Upcoming show* Castle/The Unmothered/RUST at Red 7 on Tues. 2/5/13

Castle is coming back to Austin, TX.  This time around they are headlining and playing with our very own The Unmothered and RUST.  This show is going to be great and has two awesome reasons to go out.  One, a kickass, touring band is coming back to rock Austin, and two, they are having our […]
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