Blackened Thrash Punk Crossover

Tim Coken – guitar/vocals, Pete Bedesm – Bass, JT Smith- Guitar, and John Petri – Drums are The Blood Royale.  The Blood Royale is a collection of different styles mixed together, you will hear D-Beat similar to Discharge, Thrash/Old School elements similar to old Voivod and Motorhead, and Tim and JT definitely through in some evil, black metal riffs in the vein of Venom and Bathory.  This is some high energy and adrenaline pumping metal, and you would be the most boring motherfucker if you didn’t headbang to this!  JT is a mega-shredder, John is a machine on the drums, Tim is a monster on the vox/guitars, and Pete’s bass is thick.  Give their music a listen below and check them out live! – Steve Colca


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